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As an organization that specializes in multi-carrier shipping for SAP, ShipERP is dedicated to providing businesses with seamless shipment and compliance processing. Are you interested in viewing a downloadable checklist or ebook? We've got you covered.

SAP Supply Chain & Logistics eBooks

Ultimate SAP Guide to Smooth & Successful International Shipping

Ultimate SAP Guide to Smooth & Successful International Shipping

Want to expand your company's international growth? Here are the right SAP resources to transform your international shipping and compliance processes! 

 You will receive helpful tips on:

  • International shipping restrictions
  • Required export documentation
  • Compliance solutions
  • And much more!



Integrated Shipping Solutions to Impact Customer Experience Title Cover Page

Integrated Shipping Solutions to Impact Customer Experience

From accurate shipment processing to regulatory compliance, find out about the integrated shipping solutions to positively impact customer experience.

Topics include:

  • Bridge the Communication Gap
  • Are you Shipping to the Right Address?
  • Combat Inaccurate Freight Charges
  • & more!

Supply Chain & Shipping Checklists and Cheat Sheets

Shipping Solutions Checklist preview

Shipping Solutions Checklist

Find out which shipping solutions you need to transform your digital supply chain.

Have you asked yourself...

  • If it's possible to compare different carrier and service rates on one platform?
  • How can I maintain accurate addresses in SAP?
  • Which shipping solutions do I need to enhance my business process?
International Shipping Checklist preview-1

Easy-to-Follow International Shipping Checklist

With this checklist in your hands, you'll be able to:
  • Comply with all the export regulations to ensure a smooth process
  • Understand the best practices of smoothly clearing customs
  • Learn about the various details of the international shipping process 
Freight Bill Audit Checklist blurred

Freight Bill Audit Checklist

The steps to achieving accurate freight bills and optimized shipping benchmarks

Maximize your bottom-line by shipping the product in a cost-efficient manner.

With this freight bill audit checklist, you will get to stay on track of what necessary steps you can perform to ensure maximum freight bill accuracy.

Teaser preview HAZMAT Cheat Sheet for Logistics

Hazardous Materials Cheat Sheet for Logistics

Your supply chain relies on following government regulation compliance to continue doing business.

Refer to this HAZMAT cheat sheet for the HAZMAT Category and UN Numbers.

ShipERP Software Solution Infographics

ShipERP Core Infographic Preview Teaser

Optimize Your Supply Chain Logistics with ShipERP Core

If you haven’t already streamlined your multi-carrier shipping operations, it’s time to do so with ShipERP Core! Don’t fall behind your competitors. 

In this visual guide, discover these ShipERP Core benefits: 

  • Reduced shipping costs 
  • Faster shipment processing
  • Easy shipment tracking 
ShipSOI Infographic Preview Teaser

Get Real-Time Freight Data at Your Fingertips with ShipSOI

Does it take too long to pull up your freight data and other information? Empower your supply chain teams with an SAP-integrated sales order software: ShipSOI 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Click on the visual guide to gain valuable insights on: 

  • Automated sales order process 
  • Greater visibility of your freight data 
  • Decreased shipment processing speed 
AuditERP Infographic Preview Teaser

Eliminate Manual Freight Auditing Processes with AuditERP

Kick back and enjoy your coffee as your freight invoices audit themselves! With a freight auditing softwareyou’ll be able to automate the processes to quickly identify cost-saving opportunities.

Uncover these secrets of AuditERP in this visual guide: 

  • Your future in automated freight auditing 
  • Confidence in your data-backed business decisions 
  • Streamlined and cost-effective supply chain processes 
ShipAVM Infographic Preview Teaser

Inside ShipAVM: The Hard-Hitter that Tackles Address Correction Fees

Deliveries to wrong addresses are a nightmare to both you and your customers. Stop losing your customers to competitors by integrating a street-level address validation solution. 

Dive into this visual guide on ShipAVM and discover: 

  • Cost-saving functionalities of address validation
  • Examples of costly address errors
  • Immediate results of integrating address validation 
ShipHAZ Infographic Preview Teaser

Ship Your Hazardous Materials with Confidence Using ShipHAZ

Compliance is the top priority when your business ships dangerous goods. But with long lists of federal regulation to follow, shipping HazMat becomes difficult to navigate. 

Tackle this challenge head-on with ShipHAZ to avoid legal fines as high as $100,000! 

In this visual guide, learn: 

  • How HazMat compliance will save you from legal penalties 
  • Which products are considered hazardous 
  • And which processes ShipHAZ can automate for you 
CarrierPORTAL Infographic Preview Teaser

Catapult Carrier Communication with CarrierPORTAL

How can you improve both your shipping process and your customers experience?

The answer lies in CarrierPORTAL, a solution that can enhance your supply chain.  

Discover in this visual guide how a carrier portal can:

  • Bridge your carrier communication gap
  • Optimize your shipping process to improve visibility
  • Automate and manage your fleets
SupplierPORTAL Infographic Preview Teaser

Your Missing Supplier Collaboration Tool: SupplierPORTAL

Get on the right path to supply chain success by improving your communication with your vendors and suppliers.

Click on this visual guide to supplier portals and discover: 

  • What a seamless purchase order process looks like
  • How you and your suppliers can strengthen collaboration
  • How a supplier portal software can standardize supply chain processes
ShipAES Infographic Preview Teaser

How to Prevent Delays in Customs | Automated Export Shipping

One of the biggest challenges for your exports is gaining customs clearance. By automating export declarations through the Automate Export System, customs clearance is a breeze.

In this visual guide, discover these ShipAES benefits:

  • Prevent legal penalties and fines
  • Improved visibility with transparent custom statuses
  • Reduced export processing time
ShipATLAS Infographic Preview Teaser

German Export 101: Automation with ShipATLAS

With new EU export regulation due to Brexit, German exporters must adapt to follow compliance or risk legal penalties. 

Is your supply chain ready for the changes?

Dive into this visual guide on ShipATLAS to learn:

  • The functional process flow of ATLAS Zoll and German customs clearance
  • How to follow EU-mandated export compliance
  • How to simplify your German export process
ShipEWM Infographic Preview Teaser

Guide to Better Warehouse Management with ShipEWM

Do you struggle with managing many internal interfaces and shipping systems?

Solve this issue with an extended warehouse management software that drives strong connectivity.

With this visual guide on ShipEWM, gain these valuable insights: 

  • Warehouse features that will make your processes faster and easier
  • How to seamlessly integrate an EWM software
  • Your future return on investment an EWM software that improves efficiency

Fly High on ShipERP Cloud

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, a cloud shipping solution will be your answer to scalable growth and supply chain transparency.

It's time to discover cost-saving opportunities and business agility.

Uncover the supply chain opportunities with ShipERP Cloud in this visual guide:

  • How eliminating IT maintenance will reduce supply chain costs
  • How centralizing processes in the cloud will save shipment processing time
  • How data consolidation will improve supply chain accuracy

SAP & Supply Chain Infographics

eco friendly supply chain infographic teaser

10 Ways to Run an Eco-Friendly Supply Chain

Consumers place high importance on sustainability. This statement is an opportunity for you to deliver a positive customer experience by greening your supply chain.

5 Reasons to move to S/4HANA infographic teaser

5 Reasons to Move to S/4HANA

Have you asked yourself...

  • If you need to move to SAP S/4HANA now?
  • How you and your organization would benefit from the migration?

If so, get some insight into why we think it's smart to make the big move!


Infographic: The Importance of Master Data Governance

The Importance of Master Data Governance

Did you know that poor data quality costed companies $15 million in 2019?

Discover how master data governance can:

  • Achieve high quality data standards
  • Comply with strict cybersecurity guidelines
  • Standardize your data quality maintenance


ShipERP Project Methodology infographic teaser

8 Steps to Shipping Software Project Success

From Planning to Hypercare, see how ShipERP navigates each customer towards shipping software project success.

With a dedicated project team, you will achieve a shipping process that's sure to work seamlessly with end users.


How to Justify Your Carrier Rate Shopping SaaS Investment

Do you need to reduce unnecessary costs while improving your bottom line?

Shipping costs is one of the best places to discover cost-saving opportunities!

Learn how to build a convincing business case for multi-carrier rate shopping on cloud computing.



6 Cloud Label Functionalities for Easy Shipment Processing

Ease your compliance worries with a cloud labeling software! It's important to know what to look for in a cloud labeling service.

In this visual guide, learn:

  • How to tackle shipment labeling challenges
  • The anatomy of a shipping label
  • How to automate the shipping label process



7 Powerful Functions of Cloud Shipping Software for SMBs & Enterprises

Business of any sizes can optimize their supply chain with a cloud shipping software!

Here's a sneak peek of some of its robust functions your business can enjoy:

  • Flexible and customizable shipping processes
  • Uninterrupted system updates
  • And more!

11 Benefits of Cloud Shipment Tracking You Never Thought Of

What is something both you and your customer wants?

It's tracking! It's a win-win situation when you implement a cloud tracking software.

Discover what you're guaranteed to get out of a cloud tracking software in this visual guide.


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