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As an organization that specializes in multi-carrier shipping for SAP, ShipERP is dedicated to providing businesses with seamless shipment and compliance processing.

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Integrated Shipping Solutions to Impact Customer Experience Title Cover Page

Integrated Shipping Solutions to Impact Customer Experience

From accurate shipment processing to regulatory compliance, find out about the integrated shipping solutions to positively impact customer experience.

Topics include:

  • Bridge the Communication Gap
  • Are you Shipping to the Right Address?
  • Combat Inaccurate Freight Charges
  • & more!
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The Anatomy of Error-Free Shipping Addresses

[WEBINAR] The Anatomy of Error-Free Shipping Addresses

In this webinar:

  • Learn how to ensure that your shipping addresses are compliant and ready
  • Get a tour of ShipAVM, the address validation software that is known to save thousands of dollars in address correction fees each year
  • Discover the benefits of shipments with correct addresses

[WEBINAR] Shipping Process Automation in SAP ECC & S/4HANA

In this webinar, discover how traditional shipping bogs down processing and how SAP ECC or S/4HANA can resolve those shipping challenges.
Shipping Solutions Checklist

Shipping Solutions Checklist

Find out which shipping solutions you need to transform your digital supply chain.

Have you asked yourself...

  • If it's possible to compare different carrier and service rates on one platform?
  • How can I maintain accurate addresses in SAP?
  • Which shipping solutions do I need to enhance my business process?
Freight Bill Audit Checklist blurred

Freight Bill Audit Checklist

The steps to achieving accurate freight bills and optimized shipping benchmarks

Maximize your bottom-line by shipping the product in a cost-efficient manner.

With this freight bill audit checklist, you will get to stay on track of what necessary steps you can perform to ensure maximum freight bill accuracy.


[WEBINAR] Defeat Supply Chain Disruptions with SAP Shipping and IoT

Is your supply chain impacted due to factors that are out of your control?

In this webinar, we share ways to tackle supply chain inefficiencies and resolve warehouse safety concerns due to supply chain disruptions.

5 Reasons to move to S/4HANA infographic teaser

5 Reasons to Move to S/4HANA

Have you asked yourself...

  • If you need to move to SAP S/4HANA now?
  • How you and your organization would benefit from the migration?

If so, get some insight into why we think it's smart to make the big move!


eco friendly supply chain infographic teaser

10 Ways to Run an Eco-Friendly Supply Chain

Consumers place high importance on sustainability. This statement is an opportunity for you to deliver a positive customer experience by greening your supply chain.

ShipERP Project Methodology infographic teaser

8 Steps to Shipping Software Project Success

From Planning to Hypercare, see how ShipERP navigates each customer towards shipping software project success.

With a dedicated project team, you will achieve a shipping process that's sure to work seamlessly with end users.