ShipERP Parcel Bill Audit Checklist

Your go-to cheat sheet 

...for accurately reviewing shipping carrier bills and optimizing your overall shipping accuracy benchmarks.

Your main priority is to provide the right shipment to the customer within an agreed upon time frame and in great condition to build a lasting relationship, increasing customer life time value. The second is to maximize your company’s bottom-line by shipping the product in a cost-efficient manner. These two initiatives are tricky to master.

However, performing a parcel bill audit will supply you with a wealth of data to identify weak points and highlight ways to improve your supply chain strategies.

Keeping track of the data and its accuracy will lead you to: 

  • Make smart business decisions
  • Grow the company
  • Increase profit margin

Here at ShipERP, we offer a carrier invoice audit automation solution to improve efficiency and support data-driven decisions for your companyAuditERP is designed to alleviate your parcel carrier bill inconsistencies, especially for SAP environments.

Download the Parcel Bill Audit Checklist