Case Study: Improving Order Processing and Global Distribution Processing

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Flying to Deliver Valuable Assets

VAS Aero Services is a leading provider of aftermarket services in the aviation industry. The company has developed one of the largest portfolios of quality aviation assets since its start in 1979.

Manual Processes Slowed Down Productivity

Previously, the company managed multiple shipping portals to track its shipments. This manual process led the company to face disjointed order processing and challenged internal productivity.

Centralizing Shipment Activities with ShipERP

With ShipERP, VAS Aero has revamped their shipping game to the next level. The out-of-the-box solution allowed the company to focus on delivering quality assurance services for its customers.

Download the case study to learn how VAS Aero Services:

  • Reduced user input error, while increasing data accuracy
  • Saved processing time and manual labor 
  • Prevents potential legal fines with Denied Party Screening

Download the VAS Aero Services Case Study