Case Study: Improving Shipping Efficiency and Tracking

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Delivering Across Land & Ocean

Scentsy is a multinational direct selling company that distributes consumer fragrance-based products through independent consultants. The company crosses borders to deliver to its customers worldwide.

Demand for Efficient Coordination

The company faced challenges of unconsolidated shipments and the inability to provide transparency of shipments to all stakeholders. As a result, Scentsy dealt with many customer inquiries of uncoordinated shipments.

ShipERP Fulfills Consumer Needs

The demand for efficiency led to Scentsy's implementation of the SAP-integrated solution ShipERP for higher visibility while keeping up with its high shipment count. ShipERP enabled Scentsy to eliminate third-party systems for a consolidated stream of processes.

Download the case study to learn how Scentsy:

  • Reduce shipment process time by 20%
  • Track non-inventory order directly within SAP
  • Reduce bulk shipments by 70%

Download the Scentsy Case Study