Belimo Soars in Shipping Output

and Customer Experience



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John Coppola, Belimo, VP, Finance, Administration: Belimo is the market leader in actuators, valves, and sensor solutions. These products are used by commercial, industrial customers of ours all the way from hospitals, schools, cruise ships, stadiums. Anywhere where there’s a big, giant building that needs to have the very best products that control HVAC. We control air. We control water. The movement of both, which, in essence, helps keep the comfort levels inside buildings at their optimal level for customers. One of the staples of Belimo is the fact that we can deliver products to our customers in the shortest period possible, and best on the market.

Lenny Casacalenda, Belimo, Manager, Logistics: Belimo moves on average about 1,200 parcels out of our facilities, both here on the East and West coast, as well as about 120 or so pallets per day.

John Coppola: One of the great things that we have today is ShipERP, and ShipERP allows visibility to our customers. It gives them the opportunity to select the shipping method that they would like and know right upfront, how much that's going to cost. The best part about that is is after they select that method that we can deliver, bar none, to that time frame or better. And that's what makes Belimo who we are.

Alan J. Kovacs, Belimo, VP, Quality & Customer Service: We've implemented ShipERP here at Belimo, and it's provided benefits to our customers on how we provide them with quotes. One of the benefits is that we can now quote our shipping costs to them, which is very important to customers in Latin America who want to get a total picture of their price.

Lenny Casacalenda: ShipERP helps facilitate all aspects of shipping here. Both from the front end, being able to check and validate customers, transportation, account numbers. It really automates the process with people out on the floor, understanding of what type of transportation providers they're going to be using. It takes the guesswork away, and it also closes up the back-end for us with having tracking and pro information available for Belimo and its customers.

Marialisa Aversano, Belimo, Customer Service Manager: For all the customer service representatives, we're talking 45 individuals. Every time the customer would ask for a freight quote, we would have to contact another department. Wait for that information. Go back to our customer, whether they wanted to hear it. If they wanted new information, we then have to requote it again with our shipping department that has all been eliminated. So, right now, every purchase order that gets processed, we instantly have that freight information. The customers are much happier. It's quicker response time. It's very easy.

David Liss, Belimo, Manager, Business Applications: Belimo has been challenged with shipping for as long as I can remember. Customers were getting inconsistent freight rates and that was challenging customer service. The second aspect was tying customer service to logistics, and then completing the circle of providing tracking information to customer service. That was a manual process in addition to actually creating the shipments.

Kumar Prashant, Belimo, SAP Solutions Architect: We tried to find some solution that gives us a one-to-one integration, and after doing all of the research, we came across ShipERP solutions.

David Liss: In addition to the customer requests, we also had a request from our management team to try to tie freight revenue, to freight costs. Without an integrated solution, we couldn't do that. Now, we can see the process all the way through from the rate that we're charging the customer, what Belimo’s cost is for the shipment, all the way out the door.

Marialisa Aversano: So, we use ShipERP today with every purchase order we process. We go into shopping freight for our customers. We no longer have to manually go to our shipping department and get that free quote upfront. Now we can instantly do it in SAP. If the customer wants to know the price difference between air shipment or a ground shipment or a freight shipment versus parcel, we're able to do that. So, it's been a huge saving for all of us. The customers are thrilled. We're very happy.