Case Study: How a Large Commercial & Defense Aircraft Company Greatly Expanded Its Scope Worldwide to Ship High Volumes of Product

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Aerospace Logistics Lift-Off: Navigating Visibility & Automation Altitudes

One of the world's leading aerospace company partnered with ShipERP to address visibility challenges. Lacking a clear understanding of their extensive global reach, they urgently needed a solution.

Their goal was to consolidate small carrier interfaces into a single point of contact, while also integrating seamlessly with SAP for automated label printing across 250 shipping points. Scalability and adaptability were crucial, given their annual revenue exceeding $60 billion and plans to ship worldwide, with a focus on handling high shipping volumes efficiently.

Transforming from Turbulent Processes to Effortless Ascension

In their pursuit of operational excellence, the company faced the complexity of managing multiple ERPs and diverse carrier interfaces across 250 shipping points spanning over 13 countries. ShipERP emerged as the solution, rewriting the logistics narrative by consolidating these interfaces into a unified system within SAP TM. As the aerospace company gears up for global expansion in 2024, the seamless integration of ShipERP positions the company as an industry standard-bearer committed to excellence and logistical success.

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  • Integration for Efficiency: Investing in integrated solutions tailored to their specific needs can result in significant gains, including reduced shipment processing time.
  • Visibility Drives Control: Greatly enhance informed decision-making to enable proactive solutions for potential challenges.
  • Scalability for Future Growth: Adopt technology to address current challenges but also provide a foundation for future growth.

Download the Aerospace & Defense Case Study